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To live is err is also.
Independent has many different and new meanings. Those who consider themselves independent and on there own cannot truly be on their own as they receive help from a variety of sources. The American image of leaving the nest after college was popularized with the times and situation of post WW2, when the young went to war and were seen as having made it, grown up, successful and for the most part "Manly".
Skip ahead 20 years and the standard for a "family" was out of the house by 18-25, married in a year, children within 5 years, mortgage on a house by 27...whether you wanted it or not that was life. If you didn't want it? You hide it and probably did it anyway. Society pressured you into it and whether it was right or wrong it was done. Many people who grew up in that time are now discovering that is not who they were, not what they wanted and feel saddened, depressed and angry. Those who did want it may even look around and see that there were other was to go about getting it..
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Mature content
How I feel - 10/19/2012 :icontejal:Tejal 0 0
Thoughts a 3am
Again, it is almost 3 in the morning and I feel almost compelled to write something down.  And writing while you are high and see slightly double vision is interesting to say the least.  And no, when I say high, I mean to say that if I fight my medication to sleep for a little bit i get a woozy yet elated feeling, which entirely new to it's either bundle up on my bed at 3am and watch Stargate SG-1, or take a little time to deconstruct my brain and then go back to doing that.  I really like the fall weather.  Cool and crisp and vibrant, but at night so it's vibrant for the others, like me, who avoid the sun for assorted reasons.  Seriously we are like one of those giant boxes of mixed chocolates where you need that little diagram that tells you which one is the nougat and which is the French vanilla crème and the list flutters out the open window, which your sure is Daves fault, even though Dave never came in tonight.
I, in
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Things I think about 9/19/2012 2:36am
Things I think about.  Are humans an inherently lazy species?  We invented the garden weasel and the clapper, but we also invented weight lifting and shoes that tone your ass while you walk...or does that last one belong in both columns?  I was just brushing my teeth with an electric toothbrush and thought these things.  Things I think of off and on that perplex me.  I do not have any PhDs, nor any fancy letter to add before or after my name, most of us do not or will not, unless we make them up.  Does this lessen to any degree what we have to say?  It may disqualify us from saying certain things with the gravitas with which we are accustomed to hearing, but does it take away the impact for everything?  
With the inception of the internet, the shrinking of the global village and the start of global media sharing in seconds rather than hours or days the shape of humanity changed.  Everyone has grow
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Maya by Tejal Maya :icontejal:Tejal 0 0 Waterfall and Person by Tejal Waterfall and Person :icontejal:Tejal 0 0 Waterfall 6 by Tejal Waterfall 6 :icontejal:Tejal 1 0 Waterfall 5 by Tejal Waterfall 5 :icontejal:Tejal 0 0 Waterfall 4 by Tejal Waterfall 4 :icontejal:Tejal 1 0 Waterfall 3 by Tejal Waterfall 3 :icontejal:Tejal 0 0 Waterfall 2 by Tejal Waterfall 2 :icontejal:Tejal 0 0 Waterfall 1 by Tejal Waterfall 1 :icontejal:Tejal 0 0 Gaia Avatar - 2 by Tejal Gaia Avatar - 2 :icontejal:Tejal 0 0 It does snow in New Mexico by Tejal It does snow in New Mexico :icontejal:Tejal 0 1 The Sky Above Roswell by Tejal The Sky Above Roswell :icontejal:Tejal 0 1
Midnight Longing
Do you ever long to do all those terribly romantic and yet oddly strange things while with the one you love...and yet you are not with the one you love?  To kiss their lips, their tears, their eyes, the small of their back.  To ease their pain, to make them ache with laughter, or fall asleep in a chair together.  to be the first thing they see when they wake, or call them before you go to sleep...romance and love.  Two unquantifiable things that seem to make the world to those in it, and hell to those without.  A passionate gift to those in the know, and a dreary languished world, a world void of meaning to the poor soul yet to be informed.  The nervous energy to be around that person you love.  The agony of being apart, or worse yet, being left or leaving.  Dying a little each night, lying awake, listless and alone.  
I've always wanted a woman who I could lavish attention all those thi
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Skyrim Cuties by ghostfire

doc martin by Nikaleles

(Doc Martin tv show)

If there was a chibi of Doc Martin I would have added that one. 

That was my week in a nutshell.  For those who care.


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